65_STODr. Atkins works with children and adults in a variety of ways:

Comprehensive care: Dr. Atkins will begin with a diagnostic evaluation, and then create a treatment plan for each patient. Often the best outcomes are achieved by using a combination of psychotherapy and medications. For comprehensive care patients, Dr. Atkins provides medication and ongoing psychotherapy. Most comprehensive care patients are seen every week.

Split Care: Many patients make significant gains working with their psychotherapist. In some cases, psychotherapists and patients may decide it would be advantageous to add medication to the treatment plan. Dr. Atkins can provide this care and work collaboratively with psychotherapists. If a patient desires, Dr. Atkins can speak with their psychotherapists by phone, and provide them a copy of the notes associated with each medication visit. Typically split care patients are seen every 3 to 6 weeks. Dr. Atkins works most closely with the psychotherapists at Grove Emotional Health Collaborative.

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning: Dr. Atkins will provide a thorough evaluation and treatment recommendations after 1 to 3 visits. Sometimes a patient or family may choose to execute this plan while working with their primary care provider. Dr. Atkins can communicate with primary care physicians directly at the time of the evaluation, and provide limited ongoing phone support to their primary care physicians as well.