Matisse, Blue Nude, 1952

Matisse, Blue Nude, 1952

Medication Management: Dr. Atkins understands that the decision to take a psychotropic medication is complex. Significant factors to consider are the age of the patient, side effects, available scientific evidence, FDA indications, and the belief system of a patient and their family. Dr. Atkins believes strongly that he can only make an appropriate medication recommendation after all of these points have been discussed. Dr. Atkins is very comfortable with the reality that patients and families may or may not accept his recommendation, since they are the ultimate decision makers.



Psychotherapy: There are many psychotherapeutic approaches. Dr. Atkins will work with patients to choose the right evidence based approach for them. Dr. Atkins has expertise in using CBT, IPT, insight oriented work, mindfulness and somatic interventions to help with depression and trauma.  Dr. Atkins also uses psychotherapy to improve communication for couples and families.

Explanations can be provided for all of the above approaches. In addition to psychotherapy, treatment recommendations may include selected books and activities (for example meditation or Yoga).

Outcomes: Dr. Atkins works with his patients to define goals for their mental health treatment. Whenever possible, psychometric testing will also be included so that Dr. Atkins and his patients can track their progress.